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25 Practical Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Lebanon

Lebanon guide, the tiny country in the Middle East, locked in by their neighbors Palestine and Syria. Is it even safe to be traveling to Lebanon? Can you travel to Lebanon as a solo female traveler?

Lebanon guide: is a complex country with multi-layered communities, varied landscapes, different languages, and amazing experiences! Here are 25 things you should know before traveling to Lebanon.

Traveling to Lebanon

If you’re planning to travel to Lebanon, you probably have an interest in the Middle East or know why Lebanon is so awesome. You’ve checked Skyscanner for the cheapest flights to Beirut, you’ve booked your hotel via booking.comHostelworld or Airbnb, and have an idea of the things you want to do while traveling in Lebanon.

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1. Don’t assume everyone is Muslim in Lebanon

2. There is more to Lebanon than just Beirut

3. Traveling to Lebanon felt perfectly safe as a solo female traveler

4. You will see checkpoints and the army is present in Lebanon

5. Be wowed by the long history of Lebanon

6. Bring a pen in your hand luggage when you travel to Lebanon

7. Bring hiking shoes and outdoor clothes for your trip to Lebanon

8. There is no such thing as overdoing it on perfume.

9. Be prepared to be underdressed or out dressed.

10. Smoking is allowed, almost everywhere

11. Pay with US Dollars or Lebanese Pounds when you’re traveling around Lebanon

12. Travel in Lebanon is expensive

13. Take a taxi when needed

14. Having said that, a taxi to the airport is considerably more expensive

15. Don’t be offended by honking cars on the streets

16. Go skiing in the morning, take a dip in the ocean in the afternoon.

17. Don’t accept any extra food you didn’t order

18. Don’t expect everyone to speak English in Lebanon

19. You can’t order Coca Cola or Sprite in Lebanon

20. Ask the locals for advice but be aware who you’re talking to.

21. Be careful to be caught in a political discussion

22. There is no kissing on TV

23. You can’t use the call-function on WhatsApp in Lebanon

24. Double security at the Beirut airport

25. There is only 1 common restaurant at Beirut airport

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