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White Beach

White Beach

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White Beach -Lebanon Daleel

Situated only 45 kilometers from Beirut, and 5 kilometers away from the sizzling nightlife of Batroun. Since 1988 our family has welcomed visitors from around the world, and hopes to serve and please anyone looking for a soothing escape.

Located on the untouched shores of Batroun in North Lebanon, the Beach family will serve your every need for a warm and uplifting escape. You’ll be pampered with the best of our traditional Lebanese cuisine while basking under the famous Mediterranean sunshine during summer, and fired up by our exquisite home cooked meals during winter. We provide a wide range of activities for everyone to enjoy, and tune their skills. Feel like just lounging around? No worries because we have all the facilities you might need to just relax on the beach. We invite you to join the White Beach family for a recreational experience like no other. 

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