Westwood Valley Zahle
Westwood Valley Zahle

Westwood Valley Zahle

Westwood Valley Zahle

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Westwood Valley Zahle

The ideal destination for endless activities, bungalows, tents, and great cuisine.

On the hills surrounding the beating heart of the Bekaa valley, Zahle, on 50,000 m2 of land, lays Westwood, a long-awaited and unique project.

A dream of a landscape that can complement the beautiful city of Zahle and make it a destination of choice for internal and international tourism. It all started when a group of friends kept looking for an ecological escape from daily life in the city.

Westwood Valley Zahle is now the materialization of the beautiful vision once had. Relaxing long walks in the landscape and around it, delicious food, a day by the pool, or an evening around the bonfire are now just a drive away for everyone to enjoy.

The place we created can also be used as a “launchpad” to explore the Bekaa Valley and Zahle from it. Make use of our beautiful bungalows, tents and wagons to stay overnight, and feel at home as you plan your day and nightly activities around or in our premise.

Why Choose Us?

Through the roof

At Westwood Valley Zahle, you are our main concern. We work with one goal in mind, increasing your satisfaction. Every detail is well thought of to attain this ideal.

Wander the right way

Experience amazing adventures in beautiful natural settings, in or around Westwood Valley Zahle. Build fun and lasting memories with your family and friends. From camping, bungalow-living, road trips, hiking and biking, the options are truly endless.

Food is good

Make an effort to indulge our guests in authentic Lebanese food. This enables the local community near Westwood Valley Zahle to flourish as we source our food locally. Visitors who love traditional Lebanese experiences have Farcha, and International/ Italian foodies can chill at Omnya by the pool.

Joe Maalouf will be our special guest this Thursday, July 27

Join us for the best traditional Lebanese vibes and book your table: 81-102112


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A Blend of Delicious Food, Amazing View, and Vibrant Nights.. The Lebanese Way !

Book your table: 81-102112


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