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Pro Shine Lebanon


– Car Wrap

– Xpel Window Film

– Headlights & Taillights Customization

– Leather Repair

– Leather and fabric protection

– Steering wheel Repair

– Soft Top Fabric Protection

– Wheels Paint Job

– Paintless Repair

– Ceramic Coating

– Premium Car wash

– Door Edge Guard

– Headlights Restoration

– Engine Wash / Detailing

– Interior Cleaning / Detailing

– Polish & Wax

ProShine is a professional car care center that provides a complete exterior and interior detailing for your car.

Proshine can restore the beauty of your car in the most Advanced & Professional Polishing Tools & Products. Clay,Compound,Polish,Wax & Nano Paint Protection for 6-12 months Anti Scratch Warranty.A Full Exterior Detailing also includes Headlights Restoration,Rims and Tires Polishing & Dressing including Calipers,Trims,Glasses,Rust removal,Exhaust tips & Chrome, We also provide an Interior Detailing that includes: Leather care & protection,Stains removal,Cleaning & Dressing Interior Plastics & Trim, Floor,Roof,Trunk including Engine Steam Wash Treatment & Protection.
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Pro Shine Lebanon


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