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Maxims – Lebanon Directory

Tenderness: 10/10. Crispiness: 10/10!
Have you tried MAXIM’s Food mozzarella sticks yet?
Also suitable for oven cooking, it doesn’t get easier than that.

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Maxims - Lebanon Directory

Easy to prepare and deliciously healthy for you and your kids, make way for the ALL NEW crunchy cod fish sticks from Maxim’s.
Made in Spain from cod fish (Cabillaud) with absolutely no preservatives, these delightful fish sticks can be cooked hassle free in your standard kitchen oven.

Oh and did we mention they’re made of 100% fish fillet?
Available at fine supermarkets and grocery stores near you.

ماكسيمز بتقدملك أصابع سمك القد المقرمشة من انتاج اسبانيا. وجبة صحية وطيبة لكل العائلة خالية من المواد الحافظة بتتحضر بكل سهولة بحيلا فرن!

وعفكرة سمك صافي 100%.

متوفرة في جميع السوبرماركات.

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Craving for a breaded chicken burger? 🍔
Choose premium quality, choose MAXIM’s Food.
100% grain fed and 100% chicken breast.
Call us: 01485380
عبالك دجاج مغلفة بدقيق الخبز؟
بدك جودة عالية؟ نقي مكسيمز.
100% صدر دجاج %100مغذى عالحبوب

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Maxim’s Food

Buongiorno Maxim’s fans! We’re happy to introduce the latest members of our Frozen range family, our ALL-NEW Italian pizzas. So many options to choose from; they come in 4 flavors -vegetarian, pepperoni, margherita and 4 cheese. And if you love mini pizzas -we’ve got the piccolinis!Made with love as per the authentic Italian recipe, our pizzas are stone baked, with delicious thin crust and come with extra cheese and extra tomato sauce for a real flavorful experience. Have a slice of Italian heaven today and get Maxim’s frozen pizzas from fine supermarkets and grocery stores near you. Ciao for now and buon appetito!

Call us:01485380 Or 01485381 or 82 or 83



The new frozen mini beef burgers are the perfect solution for your late-night cravings! 😋#عندو_ياكي_بالدنيي#brands#food#supermarket#lebanon