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25 minutes away from Beirut, nested in a natural pine tree grove, “Longue Vie” residence is a sun filled, spacious and pleasant care home with a unique view of the coast from Beirut to Jounieh. Founded by Louis M. Gemayel in 1987, it is still nowadays a highly thought after care home.

We are located between the villages of Broumana and Bickfaya in the Metn region, close to many commodities such as hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, pharmacies and hotels among which Zenotel, a boutique hotel focusing on wellness and offering programs of healthcare, relaxation, and detox.Our Lebanese architecture, with its white stone and red tiled roofs in a green setting makes the site an attractive, peaceful, and unique destination for any person regardless of their physical or psychological condition. The mild climate and the clean air of this still wooded area are historically known as well as its cicadas’ sound so typical of the Lebanese mountains.

We are a secular nonprofit private association recognized by the government since 1987. Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment for the elderly whether autonomous or partly dependent on care. We provide customized services tailored to our residents’ needs and interests, in a warm, safe, and respectful environment. Lengths of stay are flexible and tailored to fit each person’s needs. Whether it is for a retreat, a convalescence period, a hospitalization recovery, or for a long term stay, our residence meets your needs and expectations. Our difference lies in the nurturing activities that we offer.We have an “Open House” policy with flexible visiting hours for families and friends who are welcome to participate with their loved ones in the different weekly activities taking place at the residence.

Our paramedical team is on the premises around the clock.

Sensitive to the needs of the underprivileged and particularly the children, Michel Aoun Gemayel and his spouse founded the S.O.S Children’s Village in Bhersaf in 1968. Today, this village welcomes about a hundred children who get a good start in Life.

Mrs. Madeleine Ayoub Saab, his widow decided in turn to close the cycle of life by creating a structure to welcome our elders.Their son, M. Louis Michel Gemayelfounded a hospital for handicapped persons abroad. Following his mothers’ wish, he created LONGUE VIE, a home to welcome the elders in a warm and nurturing environment.

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