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Delb Country Club Lebanon

Located in the heart of a charming mountain trail on the foothills of Bikfaya, still only 25 minutes away from Beirut, and within its 17000 m2 terrain, the Delb Country Club offers a wide range of activities and membership offers for you, your friends and family to enjoy. Established in the year 1997 at the crossroads of several Metn Villages, the Delb Country Club is the only world-class standard club in the region. The club area is the only region that still preserves the magical Delb Tree, which is illustrated in its logo to signify the soul identity of this community. Our main aim at DCC is being a gathering place for the local community of Metn district. We are here to serve as the place where people from all age groups, social and economic statuses, occupations gather.All of whom will share a unified lifestyle, to share their interests and activities, conversations, and even food and drinks.

Overlooking a breathtaking view, you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor sports activities, competitions and social events with your friends and family, all year around. From swimming, to tennis, Volley, Basketball, mini foot, plus gym and classes, in addition to competitions like Cards, chess, painting, & singing.

Tel: +961 – 4 – 985460 / 985480

Mobile: +961 – 3 – 424970

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