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Clutch and Carb Lebanon

Who are you dealing with?

It doesn’t get simpler than what we are about to say! Our team is a bunch of car guys that love everything that has to do with special automobiles; cars that move the soul. In Lebanon, there are no websites that are hassle free and world class for buying or selling special automobiles. This platform gives our personal stock and cars on consignment, the treatment that the cars deserve. All our cars are posted with detailed images to give our clients a great first impression. Our platform, also, gives our clients a hassle free experience, we handle all the sale and calls so that they are not bothered. We aim to become a platform that sells from the whole world to the whole world. Our stock starts from Beirut and will grow to become international!

Clutch N' Carb - Lebanon Daleel

Introducing an Exciting Innovation in Amioun: Where Cars Meet Coffee!

Immerse yourself in a delightful coffee experience amidst the vast olive groves of the Middle East. And that’s not all – you can also fulfill your automotive dreams by exploring our exceptional car collection! Join us at “Clutch and Carbs”, where the perfect blend of caffeine and horsepower awaits.

Don’t miss out on this unique adventure!




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