Beautiful Beit Colette
Beautiful Beit Colette
Beautiful Beit Colette

Beautiful Beit Colette

Beit Colette

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Our Concept Beit Colette Lebanon

Our idea is to give you the mountain home experience. When you book with us, its entirety will be yours as we only take one customer at a time.
Perched in the mountains of Beiteddine and overlooking Deir El Kamar the idyllic city of Emirs and previous capital of Lebanon. it has three private suites rentable all together only to provide maximum privacy and give you the real feel of your own mountain home. The whole place is at your disposal including private access to the infinity pool, the garden and the farm where we get all the food we serve. In line with our vision of giving you your mountain home, you can even invite your friends and family to spend time with you during your stay.

What you can find at Beit Colette

Bedrooms. Private Pool, Landscape and gardens, Sunset view, Farm Access

The Story Behind Beit Colette

During our childhood, our family loved spending the summer in our hometown of Beiteddine, a place where three brothers like us, had mountains to hike, rivers to swim in and Cedar forests to explore. Whenever we would venture far and wide, our mother Colette’s voice “Charbel, Karim, Jad! Weynkoun” would bring us back home for a glass of lemonade or blueberry syrup under the vines. We might have, sadly, lost our mom since then; but her name still echoes the mountains of Beiteddine with “Beit Colette” an homage to our mother, our hometown and the mountains we all loved. it was the culmination of our dream of a traditional guesthouse where we spend our summers with family, friends and now you!

Beit Colette-lebanon Daleel

Located in the heart of Beiteddine, our guesthouse is a beautiful and private escape to disconnect and relax.