Mótto & Makanʼs

Mótto & Makanʼs

Mótto & Makanʼs

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Don’t miss Mótto & Makanʼs Indian & Thai buffet this Sunday at Beyt el Jabal !

Meet us in Deir el Qamar for our outdoor open lunch buffet & Tandoori grills. Enjoy our signature dishes accompanied by the charming scenery of the Green mountains; Butter Chicken, Thai Green Curry, Samosa, Dhal and more!

Open buffet & grills for 60,000 LL per person.

Limited seats!
For info & reservations: 70 954 057

Full buffet menu:

-Thai noodle salad
-Cabbage Peanut Salad
– Samosa
– Vegetable Fritters
– Chinese baked potatoes
-Fresh Naan bread & mint chutney
– Tandoori grills ( Kebab, Chicken Tikka)
– Butter Chicken
– Tarka Dhal
– Thai green curry
– Party Pulao (colorful rice)
– Gulab Jamun
– Fruit Salad
– Homemade Cakes

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